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Pug106 Engine Tuning

Basic Modifications

Peugeot Sport Air Induction System
Peugeot Sport Air Induction System

Air Induction deals with getting air into the engine which aids combustion. The more clean, and cool, air you can into the system, the better.

Exhausts deal with getting the waste gases out of the engine which improves throttle response and removes the restictions imposed by the standard system.

ECU Modifications allow the car to be setup in order to optimise all other modifications and get the best possible results.

Advanced Modifications

Camshafts can be replaced or reprofiled which allow the torque curve to be moved up the rev range, therefore producing more power.

Cylinder Heads can be modified to allow a smoother and more efficient flow inside the engine which improve performance thoughout the revs.

Engine Transplants, basically bigger capacity equals better performance, and more tuning potential for the future.

Serious Stuff

GTI Quad Throttle Body Conversion
GTI Quad Throttle Body Conversion

Nitrous Injection can provide huge short term power increases. Only really useful for short sprints, or rapid overtaking.

Throttle Bodies provide the ultimate in normally aspirated engine tuning.

Forced Induction takes tuning to a new level. Add a turbo or supercharger for serious performance increases.

Other Performance Related Modifications

Gearbox Modifications may be required on cars with modified engines to cope with the extra power.

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