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Pug106 Suspension Tuning

As you'll probably know by now, one of the best things about owning a Peugeot is the fine handling, but something I think most owners would agree on is that they all sit a little high off the ground.

Don't be mislead into thinking that the lower you go, the better your handling will be. Taking the GTI model for example, by dropping the front end by any more than 50mm you will start to find that the car will slip and slide round tight corners, even on not so bumpy surfaces. Also, in the wet, a low and stiff car will have considerably less grip than one at standard ride height.

Suspension Modifications

Up Front are two McPherson type struts using coil springs. Improving the handling and looks can be achieved by fitting a set of uprated springs although other options are available.

At the Back torsion bars and trailing arms mean no parts are required to improve both the looks and handling, although making the necessary modification is best left to a professional mechanic.

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