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Pug106 ICE - Speaker Upgrades

Upgrading the speakers is one of the main areas where great sound quality improvements can be made. The front speakers should be first to get some attention as this is where you'll be sitting.

Front Speaker Upgrades

Front Speaker Upgrades
Front Speaker Upgrades

The factory speakers are 13cm speakers so upgrades are easily found from any of the top manufacturers. You'll have the option of going for one of three types of speaker, all with differing prices, ease of fit, quality and performance.

Dual Cone speakers are a cheap upgrade for any head unit, but don't offer such precise sound quality. All frequencies are played through a single driver.

2-way Co-Axial speakers will offer better sound quality, and still provide an option for a straight swap, as they contain a small independent tweeter which provides much better high pitch quality, leaving the main cone to handle all the mid range. As it's all one unit, you shouldn't have any installation problems.

Lastly, and most impressively are component sets, which would contain a 13cm midrange driver, a separate tweeter, and a unit called a crossover which does the job of splitting the high range notes from the low pitch sounds and sending them to the tweeters and main speaker driver respectively. The tweeters and crossovers will also have to be mounted somewhere, so they aren't quite as simple as using co-axial units, but no major task.

Most people would opt to have the crossovers either in the door with the tweeters attached to the door card, or under the dash and have the tweeters mounted hidden away underneath.

One recommendation when fitting a set of uprated speakers in your doors is to mount it on a small sheet of sound proofing material. It won't take much but a single roll of Dynamat (or similar), between both doors, is easily enough to increase the overall quality.

Fitting oversized speakers is an option with specialist door builds which can be made to house 16cm or 17cm speakers. These would produce a stronger low end range of frequencies, but heavy soundproofing then becomes essential or the rattles produced from creating the low end notes will destroy overall quality.

Rear Speaker Upgrades

Rear Speaker Upgrades (3 Door Model Shown)
Rear Speaker Upgrades

Adding rear speakers to a car which came with front's only can be worthwhile, if your not using external subwoofers, but upgrading the standard rear speakers isn't really beneficial until after the front has had some attention.

In a five door model, the same speakers are available as with the front, although fitting a component set would be a waste as in can detract from the quality in the front. Unfortunately, upgrading the speakers in the back isn't quite so easy if you've got a three door.

The main problem with the three door model is that there is so little room in the standard speaker fitting positions (if you have them) to fit high quality speakers with any decent sized magnets, so if your wanting to upgrade the rear then it may be a simplier option to look at fitting a set of 6x9's or 7x10's units on the parcel shelf.

The use of these speakers on the parcel shelf is very efficient and can produce some excellent low bass, although if your intending to fit a subwoofer to the system, then this would be wasted.

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